9-12 Resources


Primary Documents in American History

The Library of Congress presents 35 of the most important documents from[...] »

American Indian Women
Kutenai woman 1910

Different kinds of power in different cultures. Perceptions of dignified and[...] »


Using Visuals to Build Interest and Understanding

Using primary source images to help English Language Learners build[...] »

The Tet Offensive
Eddie Adams, Vietcong shooting prisoner cropped

American historians have depicted the Tet Offensive as the turning point for[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

Especially for Teachers: Annenberg Media's Online U.S. History Textbook
Photo, ". . . computerized exam," 2001, Extra Ketchup, Flickr, cc

Here's a digital textbook for teachers packed with resources.

[...] »

Using Technology

Digital History
Engraving, The death of Cpt James Cook.., 1790, Ntnl Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm

Multimedia resources for teaching slavery, private life, technology, and[...] »