9-12 Resources


Structured Academic Controversy (SAC)

Are classroom discussions about winning the argument or about understanding[...] »

Abraham Lincoln and the Jews

Students learn about the sixteenth president's relationship with Jewish[...] »


American Originals Part II
Peary sledge party at the North Pole, April 7, 1909 NARA

Introduce students to 25 documents selected by the National Archives for[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

Why Did It Happen? Making Claims about Cause and Effect

A shift in writing is required, often using new language tools, when making[...] »

Using Technology

Joe Jelen on Digital Timelines
Photo, Timeline - P1050905, Oct. 21, 2007, Lars Plougmann, Flickr

Tired of using up rolls of butcher paper on making timelines? High-school[...] »