K-2 Resources


Another Kind of American Idol
Photography, Hey Baby, it's the Fourth of July..., 11 Aug 2007, Flickr CC

Explore the history of America's most iconic image—the American flag. But[...] »

Teaching Tools

Civics Online
Photo, Roy Takano [i.e., Takeno] at town hall meeting, LOC

Gain inspiration for new ways to approach political history.

[...] »

3-5 Resources


A Look at Slavery through Posters and Broadsides

How to identify the author, audience, date, and message of historical[...] »


America on the Move, Part One: Migrations, Immigrations, and How We Got Here
Photography, Immigrants just arrived from Foreign Countries, 1904, Underwood and

Electronic field trips are a great way to engage students without leaving[...] »

Classroom Tools

Historical Thinking & Literacy

Integrating Language Arts and History

Elementary teacher Karen Eanes hooks her students with engaging historical[...] »

Using Technology

Sea of Liberty
Detail, print, Liberty in the Form of the Goddess of Youth, Edward Savage, 1796

Explore the meaning of freedom and create your own interpretations using[...] »