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Chronozoom is a dynamic timeline tool that presents large scale timelines in a creative way.

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Spotlight on Elementary Education

This nifty tool is not only fun to use, but also very useful in the history classroom! Students can use this free website to constructing their own short digital movies, in doing so they will learn how to utilize primary sources and develop their historical thinking skills. FIND OUT MORE »

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Back up files and share documents anywhere with this online storage tool. [...] »


Turn an image into an interactive graphic with ThingLink!

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Keep up with your favorite places on the Web with Really Simple Syndication [...] »

Beyond the Chalkboard

Teachers demonstrate digital tool strategies

Crosscurricular Multimedia: AP U.S. History and Govt Classes Collaborate
Detail, homepage, student website, http://web.me.com/sorexvanity/Social_Security

Two teachers brought their classrooms together to talk about the national [...] »

Advanced Whiteboard Techniques

Educator Simon Botten demonstrates whiteboard techniques for history and [...] »

Zoom-in Inquiry

High school teacher Joe Jelen introduces the primary source analysis [...] »

Ask a Digital Historian

Just Blog About It! (Part 2)

Everything you ever wanted to know about blogs, and more!

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