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Teaching with Lectures and Documents

Jun 16 2008
Using a variety of instructional strategies in your classroom makes good sense. [...] »

Tips and Tricks for Using Graphic Organizers

Sep 13 2011
Graphic organizers can be tricky. Check out these tips on how to keep them [...] »

Bridging the Language Barrier

Jul 16 2008
Vocabulary legends, guiding questions, and teamwork are all good solutions. [...] »

Stop and Source!

Nov 22 2011
Students get more out of historical photographs when they take the time to [...] »

Realizing the Value of Primary Sources

Oct 7 2009
When you just can't get your students to care what the Founders, or anyone [...] »

Sifting for Sources

Nov 29 2011
Curious to discover how to introduce young learners to primary and secondary [...] »

Meshing History and Montessori Method

Mar 17 2010
In the Montessori philosophy, which prioritizes creativity, how can you best [...] »

Rubrics for Learning Menus

Mar 2 2012
Creating the perfect rubric is an impossible task. Creating a usable, easily [...] »

A Larger Global or Interregional Story

May 26 2010
Case studies grab attention, but how can you be sure you're also teaching [...] »

Building Background Knowledge for English Language Learners

Mar 30 2012
How can we help our 5th-grade ELL students build background and make [...] »