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Using Document Based Questions with Struggling Readers

Feb 8 2008
Should I just try to jazz up our textbook or can you suggest places to look to [...] »

A Larger Global or Interregional Story

May 26 2010
Case studies grab attention, but how can you be sure you're also teaching [...] »

Tips and Tricks for Using Graphic Organizers

Sep 13 2011
Graphic organizers can be tricky. Check out these tips on how to keep them [...] »

Teaching the Homebound or Hospitalized

Jul 16 2008
Teaching the homebound or hospitalized student offers a chance to explore [...] »

Seeking U.S. History Books for 9th and 11th Graders

Jan 22 2009
Look for school districts and teachers' shared lists. [...] »

America: The Story of US

Jun 17 2010
Remember that any historical story, of the U.S. or otherwise, can be useful as [...] »

Brain-based Research

Oct 4 2011
What's in a brain? Quite a lot actually! Discover how brain research [...] »


Jul 19 2010
What is contingency? What does it have to do with K-12 historical thinking? [...] »

National History Day in Kentucky

Oct 4 2011
NHD is a great way to get students to interact with history. KY teachers check [...] »

Finding Local History Resources

Aug 11 2009
Finding resources to teach local history in elementary classrooms. [...] »