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International Aid: How and When the U.S. Helps

With the Mar. 11 earthquake in Japan, your students may be asking about [...] »

Elizabeth Schaefer's Vocabulary in Motion!

As spring weather approaches, are your students getting antsy? Eighth-grade [...] »

Teaching and Learning History in the Digital Age (AHA 2011)

Rwany Sibaja recaps our presentation at the 2011 American Historical [...] »

Michael Yell Motivates Students with the Mystery Strategy

Piece together history from a handful of clues with 7th-grade teacher [...] »

Women Taking History: Women's History Month 2011

This Women's History Month, remind your students that women have made [...] »

Anthony Pellegrino: Reexamining Pre-service Field Experience

How can pre-service experience better serve new U.S. history teachers? [...] »

150 Years Ago Today...

April 12th will mark the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. How is [...] »

Joe Jelen on Digital Timelines

Tired of using up rolls of butcher paper on making timelines? High-school [...] »

Presidents in the Library

Happy Presidents Day! What better place to turn to for presidential history [...] »

Teaching American History Program Invites 2011 Applications

The Department of Education invites applications for its Teaching American [...] »