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56 men and women analyze the events or relate their experiences of 9/11.

National Geographic Channel

Inside 9/11

Film still, Usman Farman, Inside 9/11

This slickly produced website offers 56 video interviews concerning the 9/11 attacks or 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Interviewees range from journalists to CIA and FBI figures to survivors and the families of both survivors and the deceased. As a result, these brief commentaries range from the emotional and experiential to factual and political analyses of the U.S./Middle East relationship.

Each video includes a transcript and a list of additional interview clips which provide further related information. The length of the clips is classroom friendly at approximately two minutes a piece, with the precise time shown when the interviewee image is moused over. Additional useful features include the fact that after watching an interview, the accompanying image becomes grayscale, indicating which have been viewed and which are remaining, and a list of topics that can be used to filter the interview selection.