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"We've hauled some barges in our day/Filled with lumber, coal, and hay. . . " - Low Bridge lyrics

New York State Archives

Erie Canal Time Machine

Watercolor, Erie Canal. an Aqueduct Over a River, Canal Society of NY.

This modest archive of 40 documents, including letters, newspaper articles, broadsides, and photographs, explores the history of the Erie Canal in New York. The core sections, "1825," "1830s," and "1918," each provide a brief, 600-word introduction to the canal's history and public interaction with the canal. Each section ends with a "let's look in the archive" link to 10-15 relevant primary-source documents. "Questions," provides educators with classroom materials such as sample questions and worksheets. "Document Index," is a mini-archive of all primary sources available on the site. The site also includes a "Teacher's Guide" and links to additional resources and websites. The site is open enough to allow flexibility, but has guides to keep students on track.