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Ask a Historian

Civil Rights Sit-in

Dec 12 2010
"Local custom" was at odds with company policy in Jackson, MS. [...] »

Union Cavalry

Dec 12 2010
The development of the Union cavalry forces was behind that of the Confederates which was considered, " the best Cavalry in the world." but its late formation did not hinder its eventual success. [...] »

Taxation to Revolution

Nov 11 2010
It was reasoned that no colonists could fear an act that made them drink cheaper tea. [...] »

Great Expectations for the Civil War

Nov 11 2010
Many believed the Civil War would be a short, bloodless battle. The reality of the drawn out combat led many soldiers in the North and South to desert the military to return home to farm and family. [...] »

The Disaster of Innovation

Nov 11 2010
How the cotton gin revolutionized the use of slaves and the production of cotton in the Southern United States. [...] »

Burr-Hamilton Duel

Nov 11 2010
Was it illegal? Was it dishonorable? Was it a duel or was it murder? [...] »

Lone Wolf v Hitchcock

Nov 11 2010
Part of a series of laws that displaced Native Americans from land allotted to them through treaties with the U.S. government. [...] »

Intertwined Development: Railroads and Political Parties

Nov 11 2010
The influence of the booming rail system on the growth and development of three political parties in the late 19th and early 20th century. [...] »

History of the Occult in America

Nov 11 2010
Historians studying the hidden spirits of religion in America [...] »

Understanding and Appreciating WWII Veterans

Nov 11 2010
Websites that assist students in compiling information on WWII battles, veterans, and services for Veteran's Day projects. [...] »