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Ask a Historian

Why Was the Boston Tea Party Not Stopped by British Troops?

Nov 11 2008
To some extent, the Boston Tea Party was the result of unintended consequences. [...] »

Was There an African American President Before Barack Obama?

Nov 11 2008
Historians cannot claim to prove beyond doubt that occurrences in the past did or did not happen. [...] »

What Happened to the Fenians After 1866?

Sep 9 2008
Ireland's revolutionary struggle against Britain played out in North America as well as in Europe. [...] »

Quoting Economic Policy

Aug 8 2008
Milton Friedman and Herbert Hoover are excellent sources. [...] »

Namesake of a Peacekeeper

Aug 8 2008
Historians have attempted to account for the great admiration that whites had for Tecumseh. [...] »

Contradictions in John Fremont's Political Chart of the US (1856)

Jul 7 2008
The 1850s were a time of rapid industrialization and urbanization in the Northeastern states. [...] »

Court Packing Controversies

Jul 7 2008
What do Presidents Ulysses Grant and Franklin Roosevelt have in common? Both were accused of packing the Supreme Court. [...] »

Quantity of Soldiers—not Quality of Their Aim—Won Battles

Jun 6 2008
Linear battle formations date at least to the early 17th century. [...] »

The Reason Behind the "Stars and Bars"

Jun 6 2008
Find out how this battle flag came into being. [...] »

Premonition of Death

Jun 6 2008
Accounts of Abraham Lincoln's dream of a presidential assassination vary, and so do the interpretations. [...] »